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Recently a new law has been passed in N.J. and several other states that allows the average residential consumer to choose their own 3rd party electric & gas provider.

What this means is that if you are unhappy with the electric & gas provider that your local electric & gas supplier automatically chooses for you. You now have the power to choose!

There are many new companies that have stepped in to offer you savings on your electricity & gas bill. Maybe you have seen their advertisements or their blind mailings from companies like Viridian, Ambit, First Energy, Constellation Energy, North American Power, America Approved(are they still in Business?).

I have read thru all their brochures, watched their videos, spoken to some of their Reps. I have compared their rates and programs.

Guess what? Of all the programs that I have reviewed. The company and program that I felt stood above them all was Viridian Energy. 

Why? Because their Customer & Associate programs offer so much to so many on a number of levels. What impressed me the most was how dedicated they are in preserving our environment by offering green energy at incredibly affordable & competitive prices. They offer green programs that allow you to get your electric from sources that are generated from green renewable resources.

viridian energy is green 


The associates at NY-NJ Electricderegulation.com have researched Viridian energy as well as several other 3rd party electric & gas suppliers that have recently come into the area. We have decided to fully endorse and recommend Viridian Energy as the supplier to choose if you are looking to save money on your monthly electric & gas bill and at the same time want to help save the environment. We have been looking at the many emerging 3rd party electric & gas suppliers that are are entering the newly deregulated states. Many have already come and gone due to various reasons and poor management. But the one that we have seen rise above them all has been Viridian Energy. They offer several excellent programs that really address the needs of the consumer. They are very focused on providing the customer with reliable savings and are deeply focused on offering the customer several "Green" ways for their electric to be supplied. Gone are the old days of accepting what ever electricity your utility provides to you. Currently you now have several choices of green alternatives from Viridian energy to help reduce your carbon footprint.

Who is Viridian Energy?

Viridian energy is a third party energy supplier of affordable, green, retail energy. They market green energy services through a direct sales business model. They are a socially responsible company providing greener electricity at affordable prices to residential and commercial customers. Viridian energy is located in Norwalk, Connecticut and was founded in March 2009. by Michael J. Fallquist. Viridian energy is unique in the energy industry as their competition charges a significant premium for green electricity. Viridian energy is available to electric customers in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Connecticut,Illinois,and most areas of New York. Many States are being added. The list is growing all the time.

Why is Electricity & Gas being Deregulated in my State? Is this a good thing?

Electricity & Gas is being deregulated to benefit customers. To break up the monopoly that the major electric companies once had. Experts compare the deregulation of electricity to the break up of ATT. When ATT broke up, many different telephone service providers were created. Thus that created choice for the consumer and competition. This break up lead to the direct result of consumers having a choice of telephone providers that were now fighting for the consumers business, thus lowering prices significantly. Now that electricity & gas has been deregulated just like in the telephone industry,electric & gas consumers now have the same fantastic opportunity and the power to choose their electric & gas provider. By having the power to choose your own supplier, you will ultimately benefit by finally reducing your bill to a more affordable level. A choice you never had before electric & gas deregulation. Viridian energy has come along at a great time. With electric & gas deregulation spreading to many states. Customers and associates alike are beginning to learn and are embracing the benefits of 3rd party electric & gas. People are hurting in this economy, it pains us to see people get taken advantage of by utility companies. Customers are certainly not obligated to switch suppliers. But once you do your research and get the facts, you will see and understand why there is no risk in switching suppliers.

Would you like to Learn more about 3rd party Electricity & Gas?

Its easy! Either call us,go to any 3rd party electricity & gas providers site or or go to to the Viridian Website. Its a great feeling when your are able to help yourself and your fellow homeowners or business owners save on their monthly expenses. With all the expenses many people face monthly like mortgage rates and rent. Controlling your electric bill was never obtainable. But now with the introduction of electric deregulation, 3rd party electricity suppliers offer a way to finally control that expense. At the same time,if you become a associate of one of these providers, you are not only making a nice income , but you are also helping save our environment. If you have any questions about how to switch your supplier or if you would like information on how YOU can become specifically a Viridian Energy Associate (consultant). Please fill out the contact form at the upper right or email us at the contact information below.

How do I know if I will save any Money if I Switch to a 3rd party Electricity & Gas  Supplier?

Good Question. The easiest way to determine this is to examine your Electric Bill! Let's use a JCP&L Bill for example. First thing you do is check your BGS Rate. It it most likely that you are on a variable rate program. This is the program that most people have been on all along. With many 3rd party suppliers you can chose between the traditional variable rate and now,some suppliers are offering fixed rates.  I have circled the BGS(Basic Generation Service) Rate below,(0.123818) This is the rate to compare. The delivery service charges are set and controlled by JCP&L, since they will always be your provider those charges can't be controlled by you. The only rate you can compare and control is the BGS rate. You can go here to check Viridians rate or go to any 3rd party supplier to compare.  


Ok, So what does this all mean?

Its very simple. If the (Variable or Fixed) BGS rate at the 3rd party supplier is less that the BGS rate on your Bill. Then you will be paying less for your electricity and should consider switching suppliers.


   Check your State Rates 

 Homeowners  Small Business Owners   Renters  Landlords ChurchesTemples *Non-Profit OrganizationsCondo & Co-op Associations

*(Profit and make money for your causes as donations to your organization while saving your congregants money in their own homes!)  Ask me How!                                                           


Commercial & Residential Electric & Gas Deregulation has already been approved in NY*CT,MA,PA,MD,IL and many residents have already enjoyed reduced energy bills. NYC*(Con-Ed covered areas only)

Click Here if you want more info about becoming a Associate or Customer   or fill in the form at the top of the page and I will send you information and exclusive videos explaining all the Customer & Associate opportunities! (including compensation details)

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  Local Electric & Gas Deregulation News Flash! 

Beginning January 1st 2012

3rd Party Gas Service is available.

Click here to see if Gas Service is available in your Area!


  New Real Time Comment Section 

Ask questions, tell us what you think of the New Electric & Gas Deregulation Law that's sweeping the US and specifically NY & NJ!

As a full time NJ Realtor,Homeowner & Landlord, I was able to see the benefits early on by watching the  surrounding states as they passed their own gas & electric deregulation laws. I felt it would definitely be an asset for me learn about the benefits of 3rd party Electricity & Gas Deregulation and become knowledgeable about this new law.I knew when the deregulation law passed in NJ that it would be extremely beneficial to all my Buyers,Sellers,Homeowners, Landlords, Business owners and my own tenants.With utilities, taxes and water going up and rents going down. Saving money by cutting your gas and electric bills certainly helps offset some of these expenses. Now with the new utility deregulation law and switching to a cheaper provider, everyone can save money while running their business or simply paying their own day to day home energy bills!  

I have friends & clients in NYC that have already switched over their provider thru Con-Ed. They have reported to me that they have been experiencing some nice monthly savings on their energy bills thus far.   
As explained above(in the electric bill example),its easy to determine the savings by looking at your bill and checking your rates (look for the BGS "Rate to Compare") Then click here and choose your State. You will see the current published rates for Viridian Energy in your state and you will be able to compare your current utility charges against their current rate in the "Utility rate comparison chart"  
....Freedom to Switch & Choose your Provider!   
What Gas & Electric Deregulation means to you is that you can save money on the everyday Gas & Electric you use in your home or small business. Because as the residential Gas & Electric deregulation law passes in each state, you will then have the right to tell your distributor: Con-ED,PSEG,JCPL or Rockland Electric,Ace, Peco etc where you want them to purchase YOUR gas & electric from, for your Home, investment building or Business! CT,MA,PA,NJ,NY,IL are already seeing a savings on their monthly bill and so can you! 
This is Important:Your current Utility company will always remain your distributor and you will still pay all your bills to them. You are just telling them to distribute Gas & Electric to you from a cheaper NY or NJ approved supplier of your choice. Large Commercial Businesses have enjoyed this gas & electric deregulation for over 10 yrs. It is only now that NJ is being deregulated in the variable rate market and homeowners are finally able to take advantage of the same cost saving benefits!  
Viridian Energy is a licensed residential and commercial supplier of these utilities in a number of deregulated Gas & electricity markets already.(NY,CT,PA,MA,IL) You now can choose your own gas & electric supplier as a consumer in any of the deregulated states listed above.  

Why should I switch my Electric Supplier from the Supplier my utility provides me?

You can save money on your normal home or small business gas and/or electric bills each month.  
You will help save the environment!   
Check out the videos and the FAQ's. If you have ANY questions, please call or email me!  
"My goal is to help you, the energy consumer with multiple products, services, and information related to Gas & Electricity Energy savings"   
3rd party electricity providers accomplish what the deregulation of gas & electricity markets were created for - to lower the gas & electricity bills of our customers.  They also believe that competitive markets create a more efficient, customer oriented marketplace that will result in innovative products and services that benefit the consumer.   
Who is this great for? 
 Home Owners 
 Building Landlords 
 Small Business Owners 
 Towns that Purchase their own Utilities for  
     their residents 
 Non-Profit organizations 
 Condo & Co-op Associations 
 Property Management Companies 
How do I benefit? 
You can save on your monthly Electric Bill 
You have the choice to go green and help preserve our environment! 
  What is the Deregulation of Gas & Electricity? 

In the past, all of the following components of electricity supply were regulated and provided by one company, the local utility. 

  Gas & Electricity Generation

  Gas & Electricity Delivery

  Retail Sales
  Meter Reading
  Billing and support

In a regulated gas & electricity market, the consumer has no choice. They can only purchase from one source, the local utility. In a regulated market there is no incentive to offer cost saving solutions or innovative products and services. That's now changing because people in many states now have the right to choose who they buy their gas & electricity supply from.

 Gas & Electric Deregulation opens...

...the generation portion of your bill to competition. This essentially turns the generated power into a market-based commodity, with the price dictated by supply and demand. Competitive markets lead to innovation and lower costs for customers. A good example of deregulation is long-distance telephone service.

In a deregulated market, the local utility is reduced into an gas & electricity delivery company. This makes it possible for customers to choose an alternate source for the generation portion of their bill which is approximately two thirds of their total cost. All customers continue to rely on their local utility to deliver their utilities, provide service, read their meter and in most cases, bill the customer. This portion of the gas & electricity service remains the same.

Retail competition, in the gas & electricity markets, is superior to regulated service as it delivers customer-focused service, enables innovative product development and leads to the most efficient market price.

All consumers should be afforded the opportunity to participate in competitive retail energy markets and enjoy the benefits that only competitive retail markets can deliver.

Currently there are 14 Deregulated states and 10 more in the process of deregulation in their energy markets. It takes time for a state to achieve true deregulation where the rates are at market rate pricing. Gas & Electrical deregulation is a growing opportunity as it expands across the nation.  

See what Bill Gates has to say on the future of Associates selling 3rd party electric products like Viridian Energy...


  Electric Deregulation has recently been approved in the variable rate market in NJ, NY, MD, MD,CT,NY,IL ,so ground floor opportunities currently exist as a associate. A associate has the wonderful job of telling all his friends and co-workers how they can save money each and every month on their Gas & Electric bills for Free! It's nothing you have to sell, its not going to even take any convincing, I have found that just mentioning that someone can save money on their electric bills in normal conversation brings about genuine interest and requests for more information. I have told landlords of Multi-family buildings and they have practically jumped out of their chairs. You can explain it or simply point them to your website(Viridian company provided),which basically tells the whole story. They save, you make money. Everyone Benefits!  

Viridian Energy Call me and let me explain how you can save money by switching your power to a 3rd party Electricity provider!              

Remember when the telecom industry was deregulated and ATT broke up and all the baby Bells were formed? Verizon, Sprint, T-mobile etc.. That's what Deregulation does. It creates opportunities and saves people money by fostering competition amongst suppliers of any product or commodity, This is that opportunity. To learn more, go to my Viridian Associate website for information. 
 Thank you, 
Steve Miller & Marc Marsi  
Viridian Energy Associates 
Associate ID#19129

Click Here if you want more info about becoming a Associate or Customer  or fill in the form at the top of the page and I will send you information and exclusive videos explaining all the Customer & Associate opportunities! (including compensation details)

  Please NOTE: All information contained in this site is the opinion or personal view of the writer as related to the Viridian Network’s opportunities, services and related information. 
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